August 3, 2007

More GLH and other goodies

I've been puttering around on Ebay a fair bit for the past week or so. The result? Two vintage patterns (one with the duckiest neckline and sleeves) and several boxes of GLH paperbacks. I just got my first box in today which turned out to be a delightful mix of old favorites and new discoveries. I added up what I'd spent for all the books I'd bought on Ebay, and they came out to less than a dollar a piece including S&H. They're all paperbacks of course, but I don't mind spending a lot less money for a decent paperback. When all's said and done I know I'm going to end up with a few duplicates which I will hopefully remember to make available from here. If I forget then just throw pebbles at my window until I do.

Ok, I'm off to Daniel Deronda (Elliot, not GLH).

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