August 27, 2007

Oh bother!

Since I keep hearing about the movie Wives and Daughters I decided to put it in our Netflix queue. Allen and I got about halfway through it and were putting in the other disc to watch one more chapter when we realized that they had sent us two copies of disc 1 leaving us with Molly crying on the stairs and us not having the faintest idea what would come next. Quite aggravating to be sure.
So far though both of are really enjoying it, and we've been having a wonderful time dissecting the characters and making predictions about what might happen later. I thought it might be too chick flick-ish for Allen, but he does read and enjoy Austen. Can't wait until Netflix sends us a replacement disc so we can keep watching.


Sallie said...

Sorry you didn't get to finish it... I've not yet seen it so I'll have to go take a loook...

God bless,

Lauren Christine said...

Lol! I have felt this pain. Netflix sent us a broken disc- so right in the middle of the movie, we had to quit watching it and wait for the new one. Luckily, they are quite speedy! And let me encourage you, there is a most happy ending to look forward to :)

Leigh said...

How incredibly aggrivating!!! You will love it! I bought it! :)

Take care,