August 22, 2007

One pot mind

I'm sure some of you newlywed ladies from large families can relate. You start making soup and by the time you've added the spinach, zucchini, grated carrots, and those half dozen mushrooms left over from last night you find yourself with a brimming pot of soup more suitable to feeding your four brothers than you and your beloved. When I think soup and look at my pot I can't seem to get the proportions right for less than a full pot. Even when I set my sights determinedly at some point halfway up the side my hands go on their accustomed way until, lo! A soup fit for a dozen is simmering away on my stove top. Since it tends to be very good soup I can't really complain, but I'm afraid I must submit myself to the inevitable and admit that I have a one pot mind.


Martha said...

Why don't you freeze the leftovers in smaller portions? This way, if a day gets away from you, you have a quick delicious meal ready with minimal fuss. :-)

OTOH, I spend all day cooking a large pot of soup only to find it empty when I go to put away leftovers. Worse yet, the children are always leaving the table asking for more food! I think I am a one pot woman in a two pot family! LOL

Sallie said...

I tend to do the same except we have a family of six. My leftovers inevitably sit in the fridge for days. I try to freeze what I can so we don't have waste!

God bless,

Lauren Christine said...

Ah... I suffer from this problem too :) I can't cook for two!

Natalie said...

Normally I love to freeze leftover soup. However, my freezer is currently full to bursting! I need to eat it back down. It won't waste though. Allen loves leftovers for breakfast and lunch.