January 22, 2007


It's been fairly tempting the last few days/weeks to wonder where God is in the tangled up sprawl that I call my wonderful life. But there are times when God just completely shows up in the oddest moments. For instance, last Sunday as per usual Allen and I went to Famous Dave's for lunch. It's the only good b-b-q in Knoxville, and we've developed rather a habit of going there after church. They're onion strings are pretty good, and since I wanted some we ordered a side of them. But they're out, and I am disproportionately saddened by this news. However, it's really not that big a deal. Not nearly as big a deal as the brisket b-b-q sandwich I ended up having. When we finally get up to leave our server comes rushing up to us with a plastic container of onion strings! They got the stuff in to make more, and these are on him. If we had left a little earlier or gotten there when I thought we were going to we would have missed out on the most incredible opportunity to see how much God really cares about even the littlest of our desires. He worked everything out perfectly so that we would again be struck by how much He loves us.

A similar thing happened today. After I withdrew from the university Allen and I went to mall to see if we could do something suitably celebratory. While there I duck into Icing and get some wonderfully sparkly, dangly earrings. After we leave the mall we get half way home before I realize that I've lost one of my brand new earrings. (I had put them on while we were walking around the mall.) So we turn around and go back hoping that maybe it had dropped out when I got in the car. It's not there. We walk through the mall on the impossible chance that we could find it. As I'm walking down the mall I ask one of the mall security men if anyone has turned in an earring. He radios in and says that yes someone has turned in an earring. So we go to the mall security office and there's another officer with my earring. As the officer said -this sort of thing never happens. When you lose your earring in the mall that's it. You don't find it again. But praise God that He took another opportunity to show us how much He loves us. It's so good to be reminded that God is very good.

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