January 22, 2007

kicking and screaming

Ok, hopefully she's just kicking. I don't think the screaming is supposed to start until after she's born, but I'm pretty sure she's been kicking. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell since I really don't know what baby kicks are supposed to feel like. Earlier today I was posting on my brother in law's facebook page when I felt something hitting my side. I suppose it could have been gas, but I'm pretty sure she was trying to say hi to her uncle : ) I really can't wait to see my big strong brothers in law holding their tiny little niece. I bet Aaron could just about hold her in one hand. The past couple of weeks she's been really quiet. Occasionally I'd feel a whack that felt like it could have been her kicking, but before this week I didn't feel much. Now I think she's moving around a lot more. It's pretty exciting. Oh, yeah, Allen keeps saying that we're having a girl, and the muscle testing bears him out. So until we get definitive proof otherwise we're going with female pronouns. We do have a boy name picked out just in case though. Oh, and if any of my friends stumble on this site and grin cause they think they know what girl name we have picked out I want to warn you that you're wrong. Yup. We changed our minds. Not going to tell you what we changed it to either. You'll just have to wait and see.

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