January 31, 2007

a yummy oops meal

We had some chopped bell pepper and onion from when we took pizza toppings to community group last Friday, so I decided to do ravioli with alfredo sauce served with sauted peppers and onions on top. It's based off a recipe I found at allrecipes.com, and Allen and I really like it. Since I wasn't feeling too good yesterday Allen went and got the ravioli and cheese for me. He ended up getting a different brand of cheese than I usually do which might account for what happened to my meal. Of course half and half might not freeze as well as I thought either. (I freeze my milk products and thaw them as needed. Otherwise I'd just throw half of it away. It works pretty well.) So I have the ravioli boiling, and the peppers smell wonderful, but the cheese and butter and half n half are still resolutely not melted together. Even when it's being difficult I can usually coax the cheese into melting down nicely and at least shaking hands with the butter and half n half. Nope, despite my best efforts it remained lumpy and unappetizing. Perhaps the half n half was a little odd as well since I didn't really like the smell. That could just be my pregnant nose though. So...away goes the stubborn alfredo and out comes a jar of spaghetti sauce that I happily had on hand. In goes the ravioli and the peppers and onions, and in a trice I have a yummy looking meal. It's not the meal I thought we were having, but I think we're probably going to have it again. I love it when things come together like that.

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