January 25, 2007

My birthday

Originally posted Oct 9th in my facebook notes

I had the best birthday weekend (ok, so Friday afternoon we got a bit stressed), but we really had the best time. I'll post pics after we pull them off the camera. My in-laws are really fun people to hang out with. It's really great when I jump in on their humor -I get some of the most surprised looks. Aaron and Andrew and their dad have this crazy, spontaneous sense of humor that can be a lot of fun. Can be. Sometimes I just have to tell my father-in-law to zip it :) He's not used to having a daughter around to tease. But Sunday we didn't want to leave. The waves had just started to get good, and Allen (my husband), Aaron, and I were having the best time body surfing. The ride back yesterday wasn't quite so much fun (around 9 hours), but it was well worth it.

On my birthday Debbie made me a carrot cake (yum), and we went out to this seafood buffet up the beach a ways. (Ummm, seafood). Earlier that day Allen had given my puzzle pirate some new clothes. Everyone thought we were goofy, but I like them :P Oooh, and he gave me some amber earrings. I've loved amber ever since Kirsten became my favorite American girl doll. Anyway, a great birthday all around. And today I get a package in the mail in which my folks sent me the cutest purple pjs. Yep, good birthday.

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