January 30, 2007

This caught my attention....

I was idly perusing facebook as I do occasionally. (News Feed really does make stalkers out of us all.) When I stumbled on a group that linked to Bound4Life. I'd never heard of this group before, but they're pretty interesting. One thing is that they have whole list of stories and excerpts from victims of incest and rape telling how abortion is NOT a compassionate response to their victimization. Instead offering hope to the downtrodden throwing the sop of ready abortion at them turns victims into victimizers and only further engraves their shame and depression. Instead of giving hope to the hopeless we make them murderers of their own flesh. It really makes you think about whether or not we really are thinking clearly about the travesty of abortion and the very nature of what it aborts.

The other thing I found so interesting is that the are a "silent" organization. They protest with tape over their mouths- on that tape is simply written the word "LIFE." In a day when so many Christians seem to implicitly believe that Congress will save this country and where an American flag in seen at some churches more often than the Lord's Table, I find it so refreshing that here stands a group with silent lips and hearts of prayer. This is not a group of people pounding on the doors of Congress; it is a group pounding on the doors of heaven and calling out to God to remember the blood of the unborn and rescue this nation. The line is not a plea; it's a warning. It's a visible reminder that God is in control of His world and that when He acts there is nothing on earth or above it that can stop God from accomplishing His will. Some people will heed the reminder and pray all the more fervently and with all the more hope because they have remembered that "our help is in the name of the Lord." Other people will scoff at their silent accusers to their undoing -forgetting the Lord of the universe who bends all things to His will.

I'd encourage you to take a look at this group's website. I don't think we all have to be involved in a pro-life movement at that level, but if you're thinking about getting involved this group looks they'd be worth looking into -if only for ideas to frame your own involvement.

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