April 13, 2008

blog stuff

So I said on the sidebar that I have a GAIM account as Natalieblogs. I did/do. Problem is that I can't be on my main GAIM account and that one at the same time. For that reason I now have an AIM account as Natalieblogs. If you wonder why I put that on there and you never see me around, now you know. You can still e-mail me at the gmail address. It forwards to my main account. Hope to hear from you soon!

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laurel said...

Hey! I have never visited your blog before, but noticed on your comment (on pleasant view schoolhouse) that your pastor was the SCAD RUF pastor...you must be talking about Tom Cannon!!! We live in Statesboro, about an hour from Savannah, and know him. We were sad to see him leave, but hope that he and your church are thriving! Just thought I would stop in and say Hello! What a small world it is! :)