April 15, 2008


Tonight I'm taking a page from Trina and enjoying lots of Pau D'arco tea with ginger and honey. And echinacea. Somehow I've come down with something. My energy levels have been pretty high the past week or so. I think all the things I've been doing to help my thyroid are working, but today I've just been dragging. Twelve hours of sleep last night, and I still spent most of today on the couch reading. Supper got made, but that's about it. Also, it's rather dangerous for me to be seasoning soup when I've got something of a cold. The curry soup ended up with quite a lot of ginger in it. Good stuff if you like ginger though maybe a bit strong for Allen's tastes. At least the place got cleaned up for Monday. So long as I get around to folding the laundry I think we'll be fine.


Trina said...

whoo-hoo! I like the new look on the blog - perfect for spring! but I can't read the last line of your blog description. And I wants to, badly...:)

Trina said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Natalie_S said...

Yes I know. Allen mentioned it to me as well. However, I rather whimsically decided to go for artistic value above readability. If you run your curser over the words as if to hightlight them everything will became clear. :D