April 24, 2008

stepping out

Well I just sent in my resume to apply for a job teaching kindergarten at a Waldorf style school in town. I think I may actually have a chance at it. Apparently they aren't ed degree state certification fanatics, and for being a secular school they seem to have a pretty cool approach to education. They're one of the non-standard types that don't pop children in small, dull compartments when they arrive at school, and I really like that. They seem to a little more imaginative than montessori although I really can't comment very well on the differences. The stuff that goes on a kindergarten classroom seems to resemble the sorts of things that would go on in my livingroom if I had a dozen kids around the same age -cooking, storytelling, puppets, crafts, play time, songs. Since I've thought several times that the sort of job I really want is pretty well summed up by "mom" this sort of job actually seems doable/likeable. I'm thinking that I'll probably get an interview, but after that we'll see.

I actually found this job after Allen encouraged me to think about getting one. Even though he's happy to have me at home, he was encouraging me to find other ways to share my gifts with people. He knows I like to spend time with people and do things that I find meaningful. It recharges me in a way that being at home spending time by myself really can't. Not that I'm anywhere near a true extrovert, but I do like spending regular time with people in a way that Allen doesn't. So right now I'm just sort of stepping out to see what God has for me to do. I'd appreciate prayers as this job really does sound good. No weekends and plenty of time to come home and get supper and in general take care of things like a good little housewife. I could never take a job that didn't let me be a wife first.


Elisa M said...

Good luck! I am praying for you.

Loren said...

oh that sounds so cool! I hope you get it!!