April 23, 2008

More Josh Turner

Elisa posting music on her blog has made me want to put up some of my own. I first heard Josh Turner on the radio about two years ago, and that bass voice of his is just about enough to make your knees weak. I love it. I also think guys with guns and trucks are cool too (hello new relatives). Yep, I'm just a country girl, and my kids are going to be even more country than I am 'cause I'm going to send them down to the farm real regular. They're going to learn to shoot and clear brush and mend fences....and do the sweetest little lindy circle you ever saw. But they won't learn that from their grandfather. Heck, I think I may just send them up to Trina and co for a month every year :D She's certainly the most self-sufficient, feminine, and altogether inordinately skilled woman I've "met." Anyway, enjoy the music.

Would You Go With Me

Long Black Train

The Longer the Waiting (this one is one of my new favorites)


Lauren Christine said...

Ahem. I *heart* Josh Turner's music. :)

Elisa M said...

His voice does not look like it should come out of his body! It is so unique...and a bit sexy...