April 9, 2008

Flylady and Chaos or why I'm so proud of us

In the Flylady system chaos stands for "can't have anyone over syndrome." It's so true. There were times my mother-in-law would say she's dropping by, and I would completely panick even though she's the last person in the world to judge a person by their surroundings. But I did. I panicked, and then I panicked some more because things just weren't within 15 (or even 30) minutes of presentable. But praise be to God things are so much better than they were. For instance, we had a couple over last night. The husband is considering a career change, and Allen was sort of giving him an intro to programming just so he doesn't start on a college course and decide he's not interested. This is the sort of the thing that as a wife I'm really interested in helping Allen do -minister to other people using his strong points. Problem. The computer is in the back bedroom which also doubles as a sewing room and general stashing place. He and I both had been doing some work on it to get papers filed and things put away in the closet. Unfortunately the place was still an absolute wreck. I almost didn't know where to start. But...they were coming over. It really needed to be at least some better. WE GOT THE WHOLE ROOM CLEAN in about 30min. I was so proud of us. I honestly didn't think we could do, but apparently all our other bits of work had gotten us to the point where shuttling things away in the closet (mostly neatly) and throwing away the trash was all that remained. It was so incredibly freeing to see that huge expanse of vacuumed, decluttered floor. It makes me want to go clean out my freezer now.

Anyway, I'm not a model flybaby by any means, but she's right. Baby steps. You can do anything for 15min. Just start where you are, and you'll be surprised how far you can go.

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Elisa M said...

That is awesome!

I love that you and I are spending time together. I really enjoy it.