April 1, 2008

coffee v tequila and the joys of Script Frenzy

You know there are some times when I'm not sure which one is more potent. Tonight I went and script frenzied at Starbucks with Elisa and Carla (and O.Z.) and (thanks Cal) enjoyed a free peppermint mocha. Whew! I was ok driving home, but now my head is nigh unto spinning. I feel like I've been sipping rum or tequila instead of creamy, sugared, sorta kinda coffee. I'm starting to remember why I don't drink coffee on a regular basis. It can seriously makes me tipsy. There was one time in Knoxville during a writing center staff meeting that I really did start acting drunk. I started laughing more and talking louder. Embarrassing. Afterwards I stayed away from coffee at meetings and stuck with hot chocolate or tea. Anyway, I just thought this was curious.

On another note, I am officially an amateur playwright! I'm currently working on the second act of my opus debutus in which we meet Esme (fairy-godmother in training), Amaris (protagonist), Lord Henric (Amaris's father), and Lady Ileana (her mother). We also receive hints that this whole "invite the fairy-godmother to the christening thing" isn't as straightforward as it appears. To be continued.


TBE said...

Ah, those legendary writing center meetings! Remember the time we kept John from even getting started for almost ten minutes with bad philosophy puns?

"I can't think of a single good thing about existentialism...Camus???"

Thanks for the trip down memory boulevard, Natster!

Natalie_S said...

I do indeed. Some of those meetings really could be fun. You and Austin, enough said.