April 25, 2008

Love your neighbor as yourself

I'm starting to learn that this formula really does work. A week or so ago I decide that I was going to bite the bullet and start shaving my legs every time I shower. For my not so active lifestyle that means every other day. I used to shave my legs once a week. Sometimes less. After I started shaving my legs I started wearing skirts everywhere (even at home) just because my brain says "you aren't going to encase those smooth legs in blue jeans?!?" Programming I guess. Since I never really shaved my legs unless I was going to wear skirts, my brain now thinks nearly everyday is a skirt day. Also, I'm taking the time to do my nails and in general keep myself more up. What I'm finding though is that I'm just that little bit more willing to do something for Allen (or whoever else is around). I look neater, and I'm also helping with a more willing heart. I wish I'd learned this years ago. The other thing I'm learning is that it's totally ok for my to bypass the stuff I "should" be doing and head for the stuff that bothers me. It's ok to clean out the car instead of clearing off the coffee table if that's just what I want to get done. I don't have to live with all the woulda shouldas. As Allen likes to say "they don't live here." As a result I'm beginning to feel a teeny bit more empowered to tackle the work around here in a way that appeals to me. Yeah I know, that doesn't mean I can use perpetually organizing my sock drawer as an excuse to not do the dishes, (although I wouldn't mind trying some days). Really though. It's starting to sink that those voices in my head are...well, in my head. They don't live here, and I don't have to listen to them anymore. Nothing drastic has happened to hammer this in. I'm not a completely changed person on anything. I'm just that little bit more aware. It's a good feeling.

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Brian T. Murphy said...

hi natalie - I regret not getting to know you and allen better. but I've been reading through some of your blog this morning, and the small bits of your story I know make me glad that the two of you are together.