April 11, 2008

Why won't clean things stay clean????

Ok, so we clean up the back bedroom. Then we fold laundry in there. Therefore the back bedroom is no longer clean. But our bedroom is so not clean that we didn't want to do laundry back there. Then there's the living room. It too was clean, but yesterday contained a lot of blogging, scriptwriting, and dancing which meant that nothing got too cleaned up. Ok, so the kitchen got cleaned. That kitchen is always getting cleaned. It's ridiculous how much cleaning that kitchen can take and when I'm not even cooking no less. So it's blog, clean, scriptwriting, cook, think about sewing, look up swing shoes on the internet, get distracting learning about random kings of England, dance, think about sewing some more, run errands, blog about all the aforementioned...It's a crazy cycle. I've actually been doing pretty well. My energy levels have been good, but Allen has also pretty much been letting me sleep at late as I want due to a combination of me running around and us staying up too late a few times this week. It's awesome, but it also means that my window of opportunity (so to speak) is rather smaller than average. I suppose I need to just stop blogging about all this and just get a shower and get some of it done. I do confess though that it's just a wee tad frustrating.

Ok! Things I want to tackle today.

Kitchen cabinet.
Living room
Play Script
Cushion covers
Sending Carla that stuff I said I'd send her days ago.
Fix supper
Meet Elisa for more scripting

If I get brave....the bedroom.

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