September 12, 2007

Christmas and Chinese food (this is great)

Allen showed me this,and I hope the folks at Biblical Horizons don't mind me posting this teaser just to get you interested. It's hilarious and potent all at once.

One of the unrecognized and most deadly evil of modern life’s facets is Chinese food. Most people are wholly unaware of the critical nature of the Chinese food question,and blithely continue to participate in this wicked and dangerous activity: eating Chinese food. Of course,to speak against such a hallowed institution as Chinese food is to be regarded as a fanatic,or even as sacrilegious,but we must be true to the faith!

A moment’s reflection by any serious and committed Christian will show transparently why Chinese food must be rejected. Chinese food is an expression of Eastern monism. Not only does it come from the East, the heart of the world’s most sophisticated paganism (which in itself is reason to reject it as dangerous); it also in its very nature and composition reflects the monistic philosophy of the East.

Christianity gives equal ultimacy to the one and the many. In the West, this has meant that on one’s plate there are several kinds and portions of food: salad, vegetables, meat, and dessert. These are not, however, all mixed up together in a monistic unity, but are left diverse. It is the harmony and combination of the various foods, eaten one bite at a time, which gives
expression to unity and diversity.

Chinese food, however, tries to break this down...continued

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Amy said...

HAHAHAHA that is hysterical!!! You know that we did not celebrate Christmas for 7 years because of this crazy stuff, don't you? Anyway, that's right on!