September 5, 2007

Inspiration sought here

My books are dull and my fabric stash unappealing. My knitting has become tedious, and I can't work up much enthusiasm for clearing anything off the bedroom floor. Supper plans aren't exactly pressing either. I just want a reason that will get me moving. I've been moving kind of slow these past few days, and I'm tired of it. What's more is that my brain is going slow too. I can't quite work up the gumption to read anything very involved nor write much of anything worth reading. Maybe I should just stick with my knitting after all :P Not sure if I need more protein or less grains or B vitamins or what. /me shakes head. I guess I just need to get moving whether I like it or not. Hopefully I'll get out of this funk and post something worth the seeing in a few days.

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Jenny said...

I've felt like this before. I found that taking a natural iron supplement really helped. I was much more alert mentally and felt less sluggish physically as well. I've tried Floravit by Salus. I've bought it at my local drugstore and also at health food stores.
I hope you're feeling better soon, in every aspect.