September 18, 2007

(imagine me jumping up and down with excitement and talking too fast)

First of all, my husband is awesome, awesome, awesome. The kind of weather we've been having lately has made me want to go camping in the worst way possible. I just want to get out somewhere and soak up this glorious fall weather than has so abruptly swept over us. The only hitch? Nothing to camp with and very little experience between us. I only dimly remember my pop-up days, and it more recent years my family has done more traveling than camping. Besides, camping in an RV is really fake camping anyway. So where does the Allen is awesome part come in? He's said that we can take our first tent camping trip next month! So now I'm researching lists and supplies and camping recipes and tracking down prices. I think I've even picked out a tent. (It's one with a bunch of good reviews -you didn't think I was going to go on my own opinions here did you?) Guess what this also means? I get to plan our first Allen and Natalie road trip for next spring! We aren't actually going to do that much driving since this will be Allen's first real road trip, but it's a start. We're probably going to take that trip up the Georgia/Carolina coast that we've been talking about taking one day. I'm really, really excited about all of this. I haven't been on a camping trip of any variety since before I graduated in May '06. I can't believe how wonderful a husband I have sometimes.

On a more reflective note, this all sort of started today when I just kind of wondered to myself what I was supposed to do now that we aren't expecting, and the first thing that popped into my head was "buy a tent and go camping." That might sound odd at first glance, but I guess what that really means is that I should take advantage of the opportunity I have to learn knew skills and develop new interests now while things are a little less complicated. I admit that I think it sounds trite when other people say it, but I reckon I'm coming to see the wisdom in it.

By the way, if anyone has any camping tips I'm all ears.


Martha said...

I have been tent camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains in October. I won't do it again without groaning. We froze!!!

The days were okay, with many layers on, but the nights were extremely cold. Mid-40's with no way of retaining heat is c-o-l-d!

Just something to bear in mind!

Trina said...

OH, Natalie, it's good to hear you so cheerful! I am excited for you - I, too, love camping. The Lindville Gorge in the mountains of N.C. has fond memories for me. And that was real camping - hiking 3 miles in and precariously crossing a river to get to the campsite! Have fun, and take pictures!