September 13, 2007


Well, I bought just about everything I wanted. I was amazed again at how much some things cost and what I have learned to consider a bargain. The little table I bought cost $50, but considering that I've seen plenty others similar to it going for over a hundred I called it something of a bargain and bought it gratefully. With time I probably could have found something for less, but sometimes I'm willing to potentially pay a little more for the privilege of having it now. It's not as though I exactly bought the first thing I saw either since I went into seven stores today and when into three of them twice. My deal of the day ended up being the lamp I bought at Lowe's. For some reason almost all their lamps were on sale, and I found a lovely buffet lamp that goes perfectly with that accent table for something like nine dollars. That bit's pretty much done. The bookcase is another story however. I bought putty, primer, and paint to see if I couldn't turn my slap together bookcase into something resembling real furniture. That's going to be a wee bit of a project. It's probably not going to get done before Monday when my MIL has her first small group session here. Oh, well. I guess they'll just get to see my work in progress.

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