September 13, 2007

My foryer

So, when the apartment complex converted the apartment we're in now from a one bedroom with den to a two bedroom they left this awkwardly wide and dark entry way. We scavenged a glass door for it, but we still need a frame and permission from the complex to install it. Right now I have a bookcase against one side of it (did I mention that storage is a big deal here?), and my MIL brought a lamp so the entryway wouldn't be so dark for church small group guests because one of the things that got left out in the redo is an overhead light for that area. Anyway, now I'm just bubbling over with ideas to make that tiny little area attractive and useful, and today I'm planning on going off to see if I can't make a decent effort to getting that area completed. I want a little buffet lamp on a little table by the bookcase with hopefully a little shelf for me to stow my purse and keys and such. Then on the otherside I plan to hand a little coat rack and shelf with a little shelf underneath it for shoes (which I kick off asap anyway). Sometime when I have time I want to putty and prime my fake wood bookcase into something passable as decent furniture. But we'll see. I want to say I'll get it all done this week, but I haven't even been able to get my bedroom in order this week! Anyway, it's good to have a project (other than my sewing projects that I haven't much felt like doing).

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Sallie said...

I'd love to see before and after shots.. good luck with getting your task accomplished!

God bless,