March 31, 2008

A rather more cheerful update

So I ended up being stressed because I was running late and hadn't finished when people started arriving, but in the end things turned out really well. My mother-in-law brought carrot cake and bean did, and I had pecan pie and cut up apples and oranges, and so we made a regular little feast of things. It helped that I didn't have time to eat my supper before folks arrived. I was chowing down on some bean dip. That stuff was good. It's refreshing being with other people. I'm still sort of looking for that kindred spirit (as I have been practically my whole life) to hang out with and share girl talk, but just plain being with people is good too.

Speaking of people, last night I went to the local kickoff for Script Frenzy. Talk about walking in over my head. Abby Road and Fight Club and dialogue driven plots about the modern life...I can honestly say that the Beatles (although I certainly don't dislike their music) don't appear anywhere on my pandora stations. I listen to bands that are so unknown (like Carbon Leaf and Great Big Sea) that they aren't even cool unknown clique bands. They're just bands no one knows about but me and maybe two other people that I know personally (all in my family). Plus, I must unashamedly admit that I'm writing a stage play about a fairy tale. I'm such an authentic po-mo. So tomorrow it's laptops and coffee to kick off the official "you may start typing...NOW!" beginning of script frenzy. And I'm going to be again hanging out with pretty cool people who's cultural overlap with me is maybe 50-75% and the other 50-25% is all gibberish to me. Of course I'm sure there's a lot I would say that sounds like gibberish to some of them. It's the way life goes. But out of all of the neighborhoods around me I end up with this group. Should be educational. I really want to see what comes out of this.


Elisa M said...

I can't wait to read your play. And you are MUCH cooler than you think. for reals. Just because you can't talk about Fight Club and Abbey Road...well, that might actually make you cooler. and more honest.

Carla Jean said...

I have heard of Carbon Leaf!