March 15, 2008


Today I got to go spend some time with some very lovely people who either go to or are associated with my church. Some are people who've prayed with me or stood in line with me to partake of our family meal. Others I can't recall ever seeing before. Either way it was wonderful to once again sit on a couch conversing with people who like me are bound to one Lord, one church, one community. The past few months I've played the recluse rather too much, but hopefully this afternoon marks the beginning of my journey towards a fuller, richer communion with those around me. Husbands are wonderful creatures, but they aren't very good at girly giggles.


Olivia Joy said...

Hey Natalie, The idea is to do a blog post and say something like "Liv is having a bag giveaway over at "All That is Good."
That way people who read your blog will read that in your post and click on the link (That you insert into the post) and come to our blog and sign up :) If you only have a link to me on your side bar no one reading you blog will know I am having a giveaway ;)
Hope I made myself clear, after reading that I was almost confused :)
Have a great day :)

Elisa M said...

I so enjoyed your coming over and sitting on my couch and hanging out. It was so good to see you.
I didn't know that there were blogging rules...

NatalieS said...

Olivia was just clearing something up for me about a drawing she's having on her (and her sister's) blog. You should go enter. She's giving away a really cute purse.

Carla Jean said...

I so enjoyed sitting on the couch talking about books and professors and life with you!