March 13, 2008


Darn you Elisa, if I hadn't read your blog I wouldn't have heard about Script Frenzy, and if I hadn't heard about Script Frenzy I wouldn't be contemplating its sheer insanity. I live a sheltered, safe little life (ok so I've been to the Grand Canyon twice -you know what I mean) and like it. I've never gone out with the girls for unnaturally colored rum laced drinks or lived in a tent on a hill or even lived in a college dorm. Although I love stories my natural bent is contemplative not plot driven. Which, darn you again Elisa may yours days be long as the Nile, gives me an idea for a story, but even that idea is all emotion and no plot. However that is exactly why I need to try something like this. Even many of of my contemplations never make it out of my head 'cause I'd rather keep them there than see them spoilt by the clumsy application of words. The painful perfectionist in me is due for one heck of a kicking. Speaking of due -I have an appointment with some new habits.

P.S. Elisa I really do love you. Right now you're just the stick that's poking me in the back urging me to stop living such a stuffy existence. I love you for it, but inertia is a hard habit to overcome sometimes.

P.P.S. I am such a scatterbrain. I'm working on one project. An idea for another one comes along, and I want to jump ship. Hence the never getting things done part of my life. My life as an impulsive, wanna be artistic, scatterbrain.


Elisa M said...

Oh inertia...I know what you mean. My stories are mostly contemplative as well. Which means that my screenplays are mostly dialogue...which is how i like my movies.
You are awesome!

Trina said...

"tent on a hill" ..are you referring to me? LOL

Natalie_S said...

Yep! You are rich in stories. I'm so glad you're writing them down.