March 26, 2008

An unjobby job

I recently started "working" for one of those query places where people send in questions either from their computer or their cell phone and wait impatiently for answers they were too impatient to look up on their own. Ok, so maybe you really need the number of that chinese place just down the street from city hall, but you happen to be at your laundrymat. I understand. The funny thing is that doing it is actually kind of fun. I haven't really wanted to get a real job. For one thing Allen is content to have me at home. For another thing my days are fairly unpredicable still as to how much up and arounding I really want to do. For a third thing every part time job I've checked out has pretty bad hours. Allen comes first. Period. That means being at home at a reasonable time to fix supper and not filling up my weekends at the whim of some boss. And....well...I have to put this place first. If I were all up to date (or reasonably so) on my duties here and had things running fairly smoothly then I might be more interested in working at a real job somewhere. For now though this is fun. The part that get's me excited is thinking that I may be able to earn a little to cover some of my fun stuff -camping and sewing and the like. That's really all I wanted a job for anyway. Allen makes plenty to keep me happy. Every now and again though, it's just nice to have some mad money. If it's there, play with it. If it's not, you're not missing anything very important.

And if you're curious where I'm tapping out text message sized squash casserole recipes it's ChaCha.

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