March 3, 2008

So now what?

So lately I've been thinking about what I need to really be doing with my time. Of course there's plenty of stuff I could be doing around here, but I've been musing on getting some sort of a job. There's a church nearby with a daycare/kindergarten set-up that might be fun, but therein lies part of my dillemma. For a girl who's never spent a day in a typical school (except college) I have some pretty strong opinions about things. I suppose if you were to try and classify my general bent on education it'd be something like montessori/classical. On one hand I think schools are exceedingly dumbed down. On the other I don't really like the rigid compartmentalization of our children and their activities. I also really, really can't stand the education department at university. I took maybe a couple of classes and went through some brooha when I was considering the 5th year program, and in my opinion the whole thing is largely a complete waste of classroom space. I'm not against the concept of an education degree per say, but I'm almost rabidly against its implementation in virtually every place I've considered. What do I do now? Become a martyr to my beliefs that conventional age/grade divisions are artificial and unnecessary? I might as well get a job at Hancock's (which isn't a bad idea when you think about it). Starting my own school is infeasible to say the least. Trying to get work at one without an education degree is difficult and scary ('cause curriculum and classroom management can't be mail-ordered). I suppose it's my frustrated homeschool mom complex showing again. Grrrr. Need. Guidance. Wisdom. BABIES. Something.


Katy said...

I am an assistant at a Montessori school because I have a regular certification and have not had the Montessori training yet. It is a pretty wonderful job with great hours: 8-3pm ...leaving time for the house and errands.

NatalieS said...

That's interesting. I'm curious though what you mean by a regular certification?

Katy said...

Oops...sorry I left that a bit unclear. I have a general education certification from the state of Texas.