March 26, 2008

two bikes and a kayak short of perfect

I turned off the main road, rolled down the windows, cranked the stereo, and fell in love. This car's suspension consists of half a dozen bungy cords and a pack of used chewing gum, but I don't care. With the sunroof open and the windows down, this car was made for backroads, beach trips, and bike racks. It makes me want to move to the coast just so I can drive down the road and smell the sweet ocean breezes. Barring that, I can't wait to take it to Jekyll Island later this spring. It feels more like a jeep than an suburban mom suv. Just getting in the car makes you want to go somewhere (other than soccer practice -those mommy suv's probably have directions to the local PTA preprogrammmed). Even better, it gets honda gas mileage. I drove it down to my in-law's and back and that needle didn't even budge. These things are even supposed to get better gas mileage than our old accord. It's fun; it's thrifty. I love it, and I want to take it on adventures.

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Trina said...

Oh, I'm so glad you like your new vehicle! I am getting the same urges, but we haven't got a new car - I think it's the weather - and we have at least one more snow storm before spring overcomes winter...can't wait for a bike ride!