March 16, 2008

More unique finds

My last sojourn to the thrift store snagged a neat little vintage sewing stool -full of vintage thread and various other notions! It's so neat. It's just like a piano bench except not as wide. And I love the storage niche inside it. Love love. Inside it I also found a box of the queerest looking Singer feet. I really am going to have to post pictures of them just in the hopes some kind soul will tell me what they are. Unfortunately my machine has a different shank and can't take them no matter how exciting and useful they may turn out to be. The stool itself is in very good shape though badly in need of recovering (with a touch of padding this time -oof!) Fortunately the wood isn't very beat up and really just needs a good oiling to look quite respectable. Squee!


Trina said...

let me see the darling little feet - I have much experience with feet! :)

Jodes said...

How exciting! The stool sounds sweet, and since it needs recovering, you can decorate it to match your space :)

As for the feet, what a pity you can't use them on your machine! They sound like fun, I'd love to see a picture of them sometime too ;)