March 8, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

Oy! I'm watching the new Pride and Prejudice, and I must confess that it's worse than I ever thought. Although the clothes and the lines quoted straight from the book are gratifying, the many gaffs are perfectly appalling. For one thing hardly any of the characters look old enought to be out of highschool. I get the feeling that I'm watching a highschool play wherein most of the characters are reading their lines from a cue card off stage. Then there are the nonsensical extraneous material that could only have been perpetuated by one's who's familiarity with the work and the era was confined to hasty perusals Mr. Cliff's notes. Walking around with hair down. Gentlemen in lady's bedchambers. Money given to Lydia by Wickham. And we haven't even gotten to their removal from Netherfield. What other pleasures await me I hardly dare to think. I just hope there's plenty more dancing to be had. It would appear to be this movie's saving grace.

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