March 3, 2008


The money was sent merrily on it's way, and my new (to me) car should be here in a week or two.

Also, after rereading more of my books than was strictly good for me, we finally got libary cards renewed! Now I can reread all the books at the libary :P Seriously, when we moved here we didn't drive anywhere near a library, so we just didn't bother. Online books and the occassional bookstore run for some really good books (and GLH ebay finds) kept us going.

Just in case anyone's interested I picked up a Dorothy Sayers, some Rex Stout, a few odds ands ends of canonical lit, travel books for vacation planning, and two books on Montessori education. Now I'm tired and ready to curl up with said books and devour them. However I have to get my apartment ready for tonight. Not too much really do, but it needs to get done.

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