March 19, 2008

computers change everything

So I've been trying to do some daily decluttering. Today I bookmarks???? And lest you think I'm talking about cleaning out my Bible or my night stand let me assure that I'm talking about my humongeous list of internet bookmarks. I actually got a feeling of accomplishment from sorting out all (most) of my bookmarks into catagories and seeing my bookmark list turn into something resembling a well ordered closet and not the clutter box skulking under my coffee table. I suppose really it's just a habit. If I can be neat and organized with my online/computer spaces then maybe those attitudes will carry over into my actual living spaces. Or maybe visa versa? Maybe I'm getting more clutter conscious in my living spaces and carrying that over? I dunno. I'm just waiting for the day when I point at young child busily occupied with hacking into Google and say "I told you no playing until you've cleaned off your desktop! I want to see some folders being created now!"

Yeah, never gonna happen. Makes you think though.


Carla Jean said...

Do you read a lot of blogs? And if so, do you have a feed reader set up? I LOVE Google reader.

Natalie_S said...

I have maybe half a dozen that I check regularly. I've thought about google reader, but I haven't gotten around to it.