March 12, 2008

More on being tired

My mother-in-law got her shingle in the mail. She got her naturapathic doctor diploma. It's amazing the knowledge and wisdom she has amassed during this whole process. She was no sneeze before she started on this, but that woman knows health sideways and diagonal and even straight up and down. She's still learning knew stuff all the time. Today we learned a few things about me as well. On top of a few other things it looks like I'm trying to shake an epstein-barr virus. Mono and chronic fatigue syndrome are epstein-barr related -hence an easily tired Natalie. Maybe this would be a good time to learn how to rest withouth feeling guilty over all the stuff I "should" be doing. lol It's either that or drive myself nuts, and why should I do that to myself when Allen will gladly drive me there any day of the week? jk. Allen is a dear. He also makes dumb jokes. Dumb jokes are contageous.

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