March 18, 2008

More 15min miracles

Although I'm really not a strict flybaby, I do find inspiration in her missions and philosophy. Today Allen and I were looking for a thumb drive he needed for work. We looked everywhere (and eventually found it in the first place he looked and still managed to overlook), but during the looking process we came to The Desk. The place where every single paper gets tossed when there's not an immediately better place to put it (and occasionally when there is). So we started quickly tossing things into piles. Bank statements here. Insurance there. A third pile for tax documents. Since I'd already bought the file folders and a box for filing, it was the work of a minute to lable, stuff, and file the small sorted piles of paper. We didn't find the thumb driver there, but within 15min at least three quarters of the desk had been cleared of debris. It really does work. Start where you are, and just go at it for 10-15 minutes. Set a timer if you need to. It makes a huge difference.

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